MAZAZIK - Classical and Contemporary Egyptian Dance - Special Events




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Learn a variety of Arabic and North African rhythms on either tabla (darbouka) or duff. The focus is on drumming for dancers.

The practice group meets regularly - please enquire for details if you are interested. We can also arrange workshops for groups wanting one off sessions for informing their dance.

Sunday 8 July - Drumming for Dancers continued - with Guy Schalom (please note, drummers must have a command of the common Egyptian rhythms and an ability to switch between them)

NUBIAN RHYTHMS - York & London

Saturday 9 April - Drumming for Dancers with Guy Schalom

Part of the Nubian Dance, Drum and Song project. Drumming workshops with Tim Garside.

Sunday 25 March - London. Introduction to Nubian Rhythms

Sunday 24 June - York. Getting creative with Nubian Rhythms. We will also be including singing workshops with Ahmed Adnan in the Mazazik Summer Seaside weekend in Staithes (see holidays)


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