MAZAZIK - Classical and Contemporary Egyptian Dance - Jane Wass


My passion for Egyptian dance grew out of my love of music heard on my travels, mainly the music of Turkey, Egypt and Spain. I was working at Granada TV when a colleague introduced me to a documentary on Suraya Hilalís work in redefining the traditional dance of Egypt.My path was set.

After many years of study and travel to pursue my growing love of the dance, I gave up my career in the media in 2002 to establish Mazazik (a term used to describe folkloric Egyptian music).

My approach to teaching includes thorough technique, aided by continued use of bodywork practices such as pilates and yoga, developed through my completion of a teacher training course with the Raqs Sharqi Society. But my aim is always to combine not only the physical aspects of the dance, but also its unique essence.

My journey in dance, which started before my discovery of that of Egypt, has also taken in my passion for flamenco, plus my interest in other styles such as African , jazz, Celtic and Eastern European dance.

And the journey continues...

Past appearances include Raqs Sharqi Society Showcase Steiner Theatre London, Raqs Britannia, Manchester Mardi Gras, Karakallio Theatre Finland, Planet Egypt London, Zion Centre Manchester, Unity Theatre Showcase Liverpool, Amnesty International AGM.

Thanks go to all the dancers who have taught me or worked with me (too many to name), the great musicians who inspire me, Caroline Crabtree for costume inspiration and design and Ginny at for website support.

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